The Global Effort: Every Interested Child Horseback

The four problems that need addressed.


The pathway to success.

And this is why.

Growing Up Digitally     The Audience     The Opportunity     The Commitment


How You Can Help

We invite you to stay connected as you watch Digital Oats grow into the world's largest horse youth organization. Also, connect with other parents and leaders helping Digital Oats and their partners get every interested child horseback! Use these Twitter hashtags to join in the conversation!

#horsekids, #horsecrazykids: Help lead the movement and share with parents your cool activities, and let's get horse crazy kids involved locally!

#nicker: Eventually, Digital Oats will use this hashtag to post news and important information.

#oatbytes: Follow and use this hashtag to share horse tips, definitions and lingo tidbits with the Digital Oats community.

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